Safety is more than just a word at TurnKey Construction, Inc.

Our efforts toward safe working environments on each and every job site are paying off with lower incident rates every year. There are multiple reasons for this, the top one being Management’s committment to supporting our Safety Committee. Employees have worked effectively along with our Safety Committee to bring on the job injuries to an all-time low.

  • Our Safety Committee has been State Certified for three years now.
  • Our Foremen are all trained and certified in First Aid and Adult CPR.
  • Employees participate in OSHA training.
  • Safety “Tool Box Talks” are required weekly.

But we’ve learned that it’s smaller things that make a big difference.
On-site inspections during working hours, the purchase of New Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the weekly “Tool Box Talks” by the foremen all play a part in making our employees aware of their surroundings and keeping them safe while they work.
More employees wear hard hats and safety glasses regularly when we make sure they are comfortable and fit well.
Employee awareness; keeping safety in the forefront of their minds instead of in the back of their minds is key.

Employee newsletters, safety meetings, training, updated PPE….they all play a role and keep our valued employees safe.

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